About Us

Mission Statement: We will profitably provide innovative cost effective supply chain solutions to the consumer-packaged goods industry.

Our History

We are a customer-focused company that has been constantly finding competitive logistic advantages for several years now. Great customer service has been the foundation of Spectrum Supply Chain Solution’s success. This company has developed in all aspects of logistics especially in the areas of warehouses, clients, carriers and partners. Spectrum inc. expanded when we acquired a few other logistic companies with the same corporate culture and drive for success. Dairy Products in motion, First Choice Logistics and Eland Logistics are three family companies have effectively broadened Spectrum’s logistic solutions.

Our Goals for the Future

Our strategic vision is to make Spectrum Supply Chain Solutions the best provider of logistics and transportation services to the North American food industry. Spectrum is a forward-looking, flexible, and innovative organization, which will continue to look for positive growth opportunities.

Our Facilities Provide:

  • Temperature control
  • Cross-docking capabilities
  • Freight consolidators
  • Customer returns & product recalls
  • Order pick/store delivery services
  • Co-packing/ kitting, display building, price stickering
  • Intermodal transport
  • Small package delivery including direct to store
  • Pallet management and container asset control
  • Transportation planning and execution


Co-Packing Area

Spectrum Supply Chain Inc. has co-packing facilities inside their distribution centres that are able to provide clients with a variety of quality services. These areas operate on many different shifts: morning and afternoon five days a week or seven days if necessary. A qualified company like Spectrum will be able to reduce your products lead- time in getting to the market because of our experience and efficiency. Future orders can be sent and held without inventory assigned to them until a committed day is decided, then the order will pull inventory and drop for shipping to meet the customers due date. Visible future orders allow Spectrum to plan labour hours to accommodate heavy packing days, usually in September and October. We are able to staff our co-packing areas with anywhere from 30-70 people daily. Spectrum is fully capable to handle any large or small co-packing opportunity. 

Services We Offer:

  • “Club Warehouse” packaging
  • Product reconfiguration
  • Product repatriation / remediation
  • Promotional packaging
  • Quality sorting
  • Re-packaging
  • Reverse logistics
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Label removal
  • Displayable trays
  • Bag heat sealing
  • Point-of-Purchase display assembly and filling
  • Price stickering and UPC label application
  • Sorting
  • Bar coding
  • Carton imprinting, coding and labeling
  • Cross promotion assembly and packaging
  • Dry product filling- all size ranges
  • Pallet strapping
  • Inspection
  • Over wrapping
  • Light hand and packing
  • Bagging and sealing


Spectrum Inc. is dedicated to making their co packing area a safe and comfortable atmosphere to work in. Each warehouse has full amenities including an indoor/outdoor cafeteria with refrigerators, microwaves, vending machines   and lockers. Most employees use the amenities to relax during their lunch and coffee breaks. Our main focus is the health and safety of the staff; each employee is required to wear steel-toe boots, a hairnet, gloves and a lab coat. These uniforms not only help keep the staff safe but they also maintain a sanitary environment for the client’s confectionary products. The whole staff realizes that safety is the number one priority, so everybody works together to keep a clean and safe work environment while completing any of our client services.

The co-packing manager organized a health and safety committee to enforce the safety issues at each warehouse. All warehouse employees that operate any type of equipment must have a license and be fully trained. Security is also a high priority in the workplace so a hand scan punch clock system was installed to protect our employees and our client’s products. This way Spectrum management always knows who is in the building at all times. There is also an alarm system to protect the warehouses at night. All truck drivers must check in with the dispatch officer before they enter the warehouse; this eliminates people.